One to Ones

We are an organisation that protects, educates and advocates for those of us in neighbouring and related rights.

If you are a performer on a sound recording you may be entitled to royalties from Neighbouring Rights.

If you have specific questions regarding your Neighbouring Rights, and wonder how to get them and how to maximize your earnings, sign up for a 1-2-1 session with a Board Member of IAFAR Ltd.


President of IAFAR / Vice President of International Neighbouring Rights at Sony Music Publishing

  • Difference between NR and Publishing
  • Estate set up – Neighbouring rights
  • Difference between artist royalties, NR, and publishing
  • Producer pitfalls in NR
  • General advice re NR


CEO Kobalt Neighbouring Rights

  • Difference between NR and Publishing
  • Worldwide NR performer landscape
  • Label/rights owner general
  • NR general


Board Member – Transparence Entertainment Group

  • Difference between NR and Publishing
  • European performer landscape
  • Rights holder general
  • NR general from an artist’s perspective


IAFAR – Business and Legal Head Inside Baseball – Owner

  • Rights & Revenue Streams
  • Business & Legal Affairs
  • Sync
  • Label & Publisher in-house secrets
  • NR do’s and dont’s


IAFAR – Board Member Bucks Absolute Rights Management

  • Repertoire Registrations
  • Performer Claims
  • Rights Holder general
  • Requirements for a PPL account


Neighbouring Rights at Songtradr Inc

  1. Difference between featured and non-featured performer
  2. Difference between a composer x an artist in collecting NR
  3. Mandate conflicts
  4. General Neighbouring Rights ecosystem

Conference attendees will be emailed a link to book one-to-one sessions.