Sponsorship Opportunities


Advert in the program

What you get

  • An advert in our program. There will be a hard copy and online copy of the program.


Company Logo only: £100
Half Page Advert: £200
Full Page Advert: £350


Sponsor one panel

What you get

  • Your logo will be linked to that panel.
  • Your logo will be on the line for the panel on the program and marketing aimed at that panel.
  • Your banner will be hung up at the venue when that panel occurs.
  • Swag for your company given out during that panel.
  • Your members will get a discount to the conference.
  • You will automatically get a half page advert in the program.




Sponsor food/drink

What you get

  • Your logo will be placed all around the venue.
  • There will be coasters with your logo on it.
  • You can create a bespoke drink available for each attendee.
  • Swag for your company in the goodie bags.


Drink only: £1500
Food only: £1100
Both food and drink: £2400


Sponsor full event

What you get

  • Your logo on absolutely everything and it will be the largest logo visible on items where there are multiple logos.
  • It will be on the website, Facebook groups, micro event site, in person banners everywhere, on the program, and on all marketing material.
  • The Lanyards will have your logo on them and there will be goodie bag items with your logo and the goodie bags will have your logo.
NOTE: We can only have one full event sponsor.



Get in touch

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+44 7963 947057